Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bypass App locking softwares in Few Simple Steps - "Applock Crack"

If you have some app locking software installed in your android phone and you think that you are safe from the unauthorized access to your sensitive apps that contain your personal data you need to give a second thought to it. As these application locks can be easily compromised by simple process management in the android phones. Here is how to do it :-

Step 1.
Let us take an example of a victim who has application locking  app installed in his phone and is using the same to protect lock whatsapp.

Step 2.
Under normal circumstances you can easily figure-out the name of the application in the application drawer. In this case its App-lock , if you are unable to find the name in the drawer then go ahead and search for it in the installed application list.

Step 3. 
Once you have found the name of the installed application in the application listing then tap on the icon and you would find a screen with few options , tap on "FORCE STOP" option.

Step 4.
On selecting the Force stop option a confirmation message would be displayed , confirm the command by selecting OK option.

Ta Da that is it now feel free to view any application that was protected by the lock. Stay tuned for more ...