Monday, 16 November 2015

Addon-Dev @ LMNIIT

Above all a very Happy Diwali to all my readers. 
After a long duration of few weeks I once again got an opportunity to interact with the students of the LNMIIT college.This workshop was organized for the First and Second Year students of LNMIIT College , Jaipur which held on 15th November,2015 named "Addon Dev in the Box @ LNMIIT" organized by Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The Technical lovers Irrespective of Branches and semesters have attended  the workshop on how to contribute to the World of Open Source and to know about the Firefox Addons  and how they can contribute to world of Mozilla.

The event was initiated with a basic introduction about Js and Addons. In this section the students were breiefed about what are addons and what is the architecture of an addon along with a basic understanding of JavaScript. We talked about the various Api's that are available in the Mozilla SDK for the addon development with reference to MDN Documentation.

After the introduction to the Addon SDK and the JavaScript now was the turn of the hands on session for the addon development in which we gathered the ideas from the various attendees of the event and then started the development.

We reffed to the MDN documentation for the information about various API's and then created some awesome addons like the HTTPS Redirector , Selection Calculator and Select to copy etc.

At the end of the event the students were rewarded for their adorable efforts and contribution to the addon development.The event ended with a smile on everyone's face with the expression of proud open source contributors. Once again I was very glad to introduce new emerging addon developers to the community.

"Doing Good Is A Part Of Our Code"


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