Monday, 13 July 2015

Moz-Explore Kids

"This was my first experience with primary school kids and thus was undoubtedly very memorable for me. "
This was the thought in my mind when i returned home after interaction with kids in a primary school in a rural place nearby Jaipur

I received a very warm welcome at school by the Principal and Kids, Everyone was very keen to know about Mozilla. Since the kids still had a lot to learn about the computers so this was more a kind of web literacy session.

We started with a brief discussion about internet , web browsers and web sites. Then we discussed how to search for the desired topics online.

We performed some searches on web for the solutions of some academic problems they were facing and kids were amazed to know that everything they wanted to know was answered online.

Then we saw some interesting videos online which was really fun, we also viewed the Mozilla
Mission video which was appreciated a lot by everyone.later the swags were distributed to kids to encourage them to try and know more about the technology and internet .

Had an Amazing time with these kids, looking ahead for more opportunities to have a word with them..