Saturday, 3 January 2015

Diving Deep - MCR Anniversary Planning.

    As the time for the ceremony comes closer the planning for the event becomes more rigorous . So today we had one more online meeting with the club-leads of various institutions aiming at a strategy planning for the event and to decide the flow of the event .
The topics that were discussed included :-
  • Invitation Criteria 
  • Follow-up Strategies
  • Event Publicity 
  • Event Walk-through 
  • Responsibilities Distribution 
     Initially the conversation started with the formal introduction of all the club-leads who were part of the meeting along with the current status of their clubs and the area of contribution in which their club is most actively contributing.

     Then the discussion about the invitation criteria for the event was started and finally after a healthy discussion we reached a conclusion that a common form would be circulated which would be filled by anyone who wants to a part of this event and would list down their contributions.

     Followed by the planning for the follow up strategies which would be followed for being in touch with all the attendees so that in case if they need any help they might require from our side. At the same moment we can expect great help from the representatives of various start-ups more emphasis would be on the companies that are keenly interested in the open source . 

    Event publicity strategies were also discussed simultaneously in which we planned for continues posts and updates on various blogs, groups and pages. 

   Now it was the time for the discussion about the event walk-through and the responsibilities distribution among the various members. The suggested sessions and the speakers for the event were decided along with the order of the session keeping in mind that the sessions  were supposed to be more hands-on and less theoretical . The responsibilities were opted by everyone as per their area of specialization , a detailed documentation of the responsibilities and the event flow was sent to every concerned person at the end of the meeting.

With this the meeting ended and everyone was ready to rock the event.

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