Sunday, 4 January 2015

Know The Foxy - App dev

     Today I had one of my most memorable application development sessions ever delivered. As today I had development session with my buddies at one of my friend's room. Things started when everyone saw the FXOS device  then we had a informal conversation about my journey with Mozilla community Rajasthan. Followed by a chat about the Firefox OS , its other devices and its USP's .

With this we started with a informal introduction of Firefox OS as not everyone of us was not from a very technical background. Everyone found it very interesting and easy to use and contribute thus asked me to acknowledge them about the detail how the applications can be created for this platform. As i knew that everyone was familiar with HTML i showed them how small applications can be created using it. The part that everyone found most interesting was that an application that is created for the FXOS can be executed on the other platforms like android and windows etc that too with very minor updates.I had few swags too from some of the past workshops delivered. At the end everyone was very happy and specially me because today i had realized the actual power of open-source that could fascinate a person who is not from a core technical background.

Thanks Manvendra, Asif , Rahul and Dhanraj for the awesome time . :)

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