Friday, 15 August 2014

JNU WebDay

This was a event hosted by one of our most enthusiastic  contributors Shahbaz Alam and was the first event hosted by him thus had a special value for each one of us.
Event was hosted at Saras parlor and had many contributors from Jaipur National University .

Event was initiated by none other than the host himself Mr.Shahbaz Alam who explained everyone about the What Mozilla is all about and requested everyone to introduce them self in few words along with the  description of the open-source idea in their vision.

I explained about what open source is and what mozilla is? and told us about the ways of contribution to mozilla.

A brief description of Webmaker was given and App-dev session started.
Participants were very much excited to learn about app development.
manifest files were given to students and hands on started.

Followed by a hands on session in which we created multiple webmaker makes and multiple application ideas were suggested by the fellow contributors and then came our first app for the day.  which was titled as Make me smile developed by hitesh 

Finally event summed up with the group picture.
At the end of session we had some awesome contributors who have the will and wisdom to carry ahead the spirit of the open-source .

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