Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mozmaker At GIT (Global Institute Of Technology , Jaipur)

An amazing event was organized today at Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur by Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The event was started at 09:00 AM. Firefox Club GIT member Dishant Arora started the event by introducing MCR(Mozilla Community Rajasthan)  members and guests.

All the students were extremely excited to learn about open source software and web applications. First session was taken by Me on open source software and their use in current scenario. I explained how we can customize open source software for our use and why they are beneficial for the society and also demonstrated some cool tweaks for Firefox and Linux. 


Then it was time for introducing everyone to Firefox OS. Mr. Tushar Arora explained them why there's a need of Firefox OS and how it is different from others.
Then it was time for third session by me on the architecture of Firefox OS and How to contribute to this project. I was happy to answer a lot of queries asked by the students demonstrating their immense interest in the project.
Fourth session was taken by Mr. Tushar Arora and he explained everyone how to make apps for Marketplace and also showed them a demo of an app using Firefox OS simulator.
Then we had our final session with Mr. Adit Bhardwaj. He explained Webmaker tools to the people and they were extremely excited to see very easy tools to remix things and make them their own.
We packed up the event by recruiting students for Firefox Club GIT. They were really excited to know more about Mozilla and Open Source.
We also had a lot of swags and goodies which were distributed among students. 

We had a great response from students of GTC. You were simply awesome. We would love to have feedback from the you so that we can plan for further workshops in your college premises.
I would like to thank Mozilla Community Rajasthan for giving me constant support to organize this event. 
I would also like to thank all the volunteers and Firefox club GIT members for being with us all the time.

Thank you.

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