Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mozilla @ REC (Rajdhani Engineering College Jaipur)

New Year with a Bang!!!

JOSOC proudly presents you Mozilla open source workshop @ Rajdhani College Jaipur.
A heart warming welcome enriched our workshop experience.This time we got responsibility to train the trainers. We were able to deliver the 'doing good code' to the faculty members, which we are sure will be passed on by them exponentially. We got a chance to enlighten the trainers of various technical fields about the power of Open source and how Mozilla is an essential part of it.Topics covered included :-
  • Firefox browser versions ( Nightly and Stable versions etc)
  • Firefox Os
  • Application development for Firefox Os
  • Etherpad and Persona
  • Web-Maker tools
  • Bugzilla etc
We also got a chance to acknowledge one and all about the latest features of Mozilla Firefox.
We are highly Thankful to Mr Manish Tiwari ( Principal REC) and all his staff members for being such a great support for the entire session.
Some Memorable Moments From The Workshop .....

Looking foreword for more sessions till then keep using and contributing to support a better open software world.


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